2022/11/26Cabinet note procedure2022-11-26 03:44:29
2022/08/17Promotion order of Shri Ginko Lingi as CE2022-08-17 11:42:56
2022/06/172022 02 15 GN Construction of 132 KV Transmission line from Rilloh to Sagalee No 282022-06-17 09:17:08
2022/06/172022 02 14 GN Construction of Pare NEEPCO North Lakhimpur AEGCL LILO No 272022-06-17 09:15:18
2022/06/172022 02 11 GN Diversion of Gohpur Nirjuli Transmission line2022-06-17 09:13:35
2022/06/16Promotion & Posting order of Shri Ginko Lingi as CE TP&MZ2022-06-16 10:46:12
2022/06/14Promotion order from AE to EE2022-06-14 03:46:41
2022/06/01Promotion order of Shri Ginko Lingi2022-06-01 03:46:08
2021/01/29Regularisation of SEs2021-01-29 15:37:47
2021/01/25Promotion to the post of CEs2021-01-25 15:34:39
2019/12/04Regularisation of promotion of CEs2019-12-04 15:29:21
2019/11/07Delegation of AA&ES Financial Power to Development Commissioners2019-11-07 04:42:22
2019/08/26Shifting of one post of EE Plg CEZ as EE Pania ED2019-08-26 04:35:37
2019/03/07Conversion of EI Bomdila as Transmission Division – II Itanagar2019-03-07 05:13:22
2019/03/05Creation of Tezu Electrical Division & Nafra Electrical Sub Division2019-03-05 10:48:28
2019/03/05Result of LDC under Compassionate Quota2019-03-05 10:45:01
2019/03/04Promotion of Executive Engineers2019-03-04 11:39:38
2019/02/15Transfer & Posting of Executive Engineers2019-02-15 10:44:35
2019/02/05Creation of State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) Cell2019-02-05 09:50:37
2019/02/05Refund of excess Drawal of contingencies to state exchequer2019-02-05 04:48:23
2019/01/24Delegation of DDO Powers to CEI Units2019-01-24 12:32:06
2019/01/09Re-Constitution of State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU)2019-01-09 12:04:40
2018/12/21Posting of Assistant Engineers on Promotion from Junior Engineer2018-12-21 08:23:02
2018/10/08Appointment of Chief Engineers as Nodal Officer for Chief Minister Desh Board2018-10-08 10:43:02
2018/09/21Creation of Likabali & Mechuka Division2018-09-21 09:33:14
2018/09/12Shifting of EE Plg post of APEC-V to Electrical Division Mechuka2018-09-12 10:40:33
2018/08/09Promotion & Posting order of Assistant Engineers2018-08-09 10:37:46
2018/08/07Posting of Shri Kamar Loya as Executive Engineer Electrical Division Mechuka2018-08-07 10:35:16
2018/08/06Declaration of HoO & Delegation of Financial Power to SE Subu Circle & EE RupED2018-08-06 10:32:02
2018/07/18Shifting of SE Plg. post of TPMZ to SE SOPSC2018-07-18 09:30:56
2018/07/02Promotion of Executive Engineers to the post of Superintending Engineer2018-07-02 10:28:41
2018/06/15Re-Designation of Draughtsmen in Arunachal Pradesh2018-06-15 10:26:08
2018/02/09Creation of Chief Electrical Inspectorate2018-02-09 10:00:09
2015/09/08Declaration of Head of Office of TD-I & TD-II & TD-III2015-09-08 05:10:31
2015/07/06Reduction of Earnest Money for APST Contractors2015-07-06 10:20:29
2015/04/13Preference to District based Enterpreneurs & Professional2015-04-13 10:17:45
2015/03/17Re-organising of Planning Units into working Divisions2015-03-17 09:27:58
2014/08/22Appointment of Junior Engineers2014-08-22 07:49:11
2014/03/19Monitoring Supervising of Punctuality & Biometric machine2014-03-19 06:40:08
2014/03/18Mobility of personnel among Central State under pensionable establishment2014-03-18 06:35:55
2014/03/04Method of Recruitment of Superintending Engineer2014-03-04 06:26:01
2014/01/28Fixation of Basic Educational Qualification for Group B & A posts2014-01-28 06:22:53
2013/11/14Fixation of Jurisdiction of Sagalee Electrical Division2013-11-14 06:19:20
2013/09/11Declaration of HoD for Sagalee, Anini & Basar Division2013-09-11 06:16:20
2013/08/13Posting order of Assistant Engineers2013-08-13 06:13:52
2013/07/30Corrigendum to creation of 1 Circle, 3 Divisions & 10 Sub Divisions2013-07-30 08:48:23
2013/07/12Creation of Circle, Divisions & Sub Divisions2013-07-12 08:45:58
2013/04/17Appointment of Assistant Engineers2013-04-17 08:43:19
2012/04/19Re-designation of Advisor post of DoP as Chief Engineer CEZ2012-04-19 08:40:44
2012/03/20Renaming of P&M Zone as T P & M Zone2012-03-20 06:11:15
2012/03/19CCS Rule 2008 date of next increment in the revised pay structure2012-03-19 08:38:04
2011/11/14Documents required for processing of Pension2011-11-14 08:34:46
2011/06/30Distribution of Divisions on creation of Aalo & Tezu circle2011-06-30 08:31:57
2011/02/23Function & Duties of Planning & Monitoring Zone2011-02-23 08:29:08
2011/02/17Transfer & Posting of Chief Engineers between PMZ & EEZ2011-02-17 08:23:58
2011/02/17Promotion of Shri Ogum Moyong as Chief Engineer2011-02-17 08:20:36
2011/02/15Creation of Planning & Monitoring Zone, Aalo & Tezu circle2011-02-15 08:16:28
2010/05/07Creation of AP State Electricity Regulatory Commission2010-05-07 08:11:24
2007/12/13Designate of State Power Department as State Transmission Utility2007-12-13 07:36:40
2007/07/11Fixation of Tenure of Posting2007-07-11 07:26:47
2006/10/12Restoration of enhanced Financial Powers to Executive Engineers2006-10-12 06:08:39
2006/10/07Procedure for movement of files2006-10-07 06:06:11
2005/09/20Bifurcation of staff between EEZ & WEZ2005-09-20 09:21:22